About Us

As the world’s premier manufacturer and distributor of professional barware, our products combine historical cues, contemporary designs, and commercial durability to create elegant barware solutions for the professional bartender. 

Cocktail Kingdom began as a crucial resource during the early-aughts cocktail renaissance. Our founder, Greg Boehm, noted that bar professionals lacked access to the proper tools needed to hone the rapidly evolving craft. Working alongside bar professionals, adding a passion for history and obsessive attention to detail, we set out on an international hunt to fill this void. 

That drive for excellence, precision, and quality continues today.  We source products from across the globe, and our house designs (from Koriko®, Leopold®, and Yarai® to name a few) are brand standards in the cocktail industry worldwide. 

Whether you are a seasoned bartending lifer or a home bartender, you will find the absolute best tools for the job at Cocktail Kingdom.